American seamen and longshoremen and the Spanish Civil War

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16 November 2017 by scwharbour3639

Also on the American Waterfront people appealed for labor actions to refuse to load arms for Franco or not to sail on any ships carrying cargo consigned to the fascists.

Two pamphlets written by Roy Hudson are worth reading and you can download them here below.

Shipowners plot against Spanish democracy, 1936, and

True Americans: A tribute to American maritime workers who fought for world democracy in the trenches of Spain, 1939.


Additional information can be found in:

Workers on the Waterfront: Seamen, Longshoremen, and Unionism in the 1930s by Bruce Nelson


American Relief Aid and the Spanish Civil War by Eric R. Smith.


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Dedicated to the blockade runners, sailors and dock workers and their organisations who supported the Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War 1936 -1939.
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