Hamburg Event 2016 – lecture on the boat trip

Stories of the historical anti-fascist resistance: The results of the Reichstag elections in Hamburg in November 1932. The two parties of the working classes - the SPD (Social Democrats) and the KPD (Communists) received a combined total of 385,000 votes, compared with just 207,000 for the NSDAP (Nazis). That is a ratio of around 65%... Continue Reading →


Krudtbåden M/S Gatun 

Marius Christiansen/Allan Christiansen   Marius Christiansen, who this little report is about, was for years until his death in summer 1993 chairman for “The Danish Spain-volunteers Association”. He traveled, at 29 years of age, on the 7th January 1937, to Spain, where he was enrolled in the English speaking XVth International Brigade, as an ambulance... Continue Reading →

A stolperstein for Little August

On the initiative of the Ubbo Emmius Gesellschaft, a stolperstein (a memorial cobblestone) for the Interbrigader Augustus Kraak will be placed at the Brückstrasse 29 in Emden. This memorial will be laid on Saturday, June 10, 2017. The life of August Kraak, nicknamed Little August, is one of the many examples of international commitment in... Continue Reading →

Dutchman involved in Ciudad de Barcelona 1937

We found some names from volunteers from Holland that went to Spain and were involved in the disaster of the Ciudad de Barcelona in 1937 Adrianus Josephus Marie Kater, 7 oktober 1906 Heemskerk Holland Theo Herman Gerritsen, 3 september 1914 Haarlem, Holland,   Willem Brasser,  14 mei 1914, Beverwijk, Holland, The brothers Hendricus Smit, 18 februari 1899, Amsterdam, Holland, and... Continue Reading →

A memorial for Ciudad de Barcelona

An initiative for a monument in Barcelona === From Ciudadbcn37 A project for unity! The brigadists stood for solidarity, justice and freedom; for an equal world for all humanity. In this time when right wing popularism is achieving large votes in various places around the world, it is more important than ever that we combat... Continue Reading →

A memorial in Algeria

The maritime support for the Spanish Republic is still visible in Algeria. More southernly, refugees from the Spanish Republic tried to flee to North Africa, for example from Alicante with the Stanbrook ship which brought thousands of refugees to Algeria in March 1939. In the city Oran, Algeria, you can see a memorial dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Hamburg Antifa event 2017 – lecture

ORDER OF PRESENTATION IS FOLLOWING THE HARBOUR TOUR Political Resistance by Soviet Forced Labourers From 1940-1945 a total of up to 500,000 men and women from occupied Europe, some of them together with their children, were sent to Hamburg as forced labourers. Many of them were made to work on the docks - loading and... Continue Reading →

Krudtbåden M/S ”Gatun” fra Gatun

Marius Christiansen/Allan Christiansen Marius Christiansen, som denne lille beretning drejer sig om, var i en årrække indtil sin død i sommeren 1993 formand for ”De danske Spaniensfrivilliges Forening”. Han rejste, 29 år gammel, den 7. januar 1937 til Spanien, hvor han blev indrulleret i XV. Internationale Brigade, den engelsksprogede, som ambulancechauffør. Efter man gefarlige og... Continue Reading →

2016 – ITF 120 anniversary

Presentation at the International Seamen's Club Duckdalben, Hamburg, during the Antifascist Harbour Days 2016 by Hamburger Freundinnen und Freunde der XI. Internationalen Brigade The mood on board a large steamer: Anyone just looking at our vessel from the side of a foreign harbour would easily form the impression that it is a model Nazi ship. But the... Continue Reading →

Antifaschistischen Hafentage Hamburg

Den Abschluss der „7.Antifaschistischen Hafentage“ bildete, wie könnte es anders sein, eine alternative Hafenrundfahrt – die „Antifaschtische Hafenrundfahrt“. Während der Hafenrundfahrt passierte die Barkasse die Stelle von der aus der Hapag-Dampfer „St.Louis“ am 13. Mai 1939 den Hamburger Hafen Richtung „Neue Welt“ verlies. Auf der Brücke stand damals der aus Schleswig-Holstein stammende Kapitän Gustav Schröder,... Continue Reading →

France Navigation and Dutch involvement

An almost unknown story in the Netherlands is the story of the organization France Navigation. There is only one book, written in French, which is fully devoted to this organization: Les Brigades de la Mer, of Dominique Grisoni and Gilles Hertzog, Grasset, 1979. During the Spanish Civil War, on behalf of Juan Negrin, 2500 million... Continue Reading →

Soviet Aid for the Spanish Republic

Here is the lecture on Soviet Aid for the Spanish Republic, delivered at the International Seafarers Club as part of the 5th Anti-Fascist Harbour Event “Wolf Hoffmann” in Hamburg 2015. Soviet Support for the Spanish Republic As already announced on the 4th Antifa-Hafentagen last year – in the 70th year after the liberation from fascism – we... Continue Reading →

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